2024 Taihan Technology Heping Island Beach Cleaning

Taihan Technology has long been committed to the development of environmental sustainability. On June 1st, it led colleagues and their families at the Taiwan operations headquarters to bend down and pick up garbage on the coast of Heping Island (Keelung City, Heping Island Geopark). In order to let employees and children further understand the dangers of marine debris, we first participated in a course organized by Slow Island Tour and learned that about 10 million tons of garbage flow into the ocean every year, which may not only be eaten by marine animals, but , so many that they have gathered into a garbage island 44 times the size of Taiwan. Through simple course briefings, game experiences, and ICC (International Coastal Cleanup) systematic classification of marine waste, students can understand the problem of marine debris and put what they have learned into practice into life.

Slow Island Travel Marine Knowledge Teaching

Under the leadership of the company’s CEO, Taihan Technology removed a total of 69 kilograms of waste from the coast of Heping Island. The most removed during this beach cleanup were fishing nets and buoys for fishing. Others included Styrofoam, lighters, and plastic bags. Bottles and caps are bagged and transported according to ICC classification standards to prevent them from flowing into the sea again and harming marine life. Through practical beach cleaning activities, participants also understand the importance of reducing plastic at source. Through the use of environmentally friendly tableware and environmentally friendly bags, little by little, the generation of plastic waste can be greatly reduced, and at the same time Educate children on the importance of natural environment conservation.

Taihan Technology’s marine waste removal results
Taihan employees carried the fishing nets to the removal office

In addition to beach clean-up activities, Taihan Technology also conducts daily power consumption monitoring, annual power-saving plans, and actively evaluates opportunities for installing renewable energy in overseas factories. It hopes to start from itself and lead employees towards a net-zero environment. The goal is to leave a beautiful earth to the next generation.

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