Sustainable Operation Commitment

Message from the Chairman

Since the outbreak of the covid-19 in 2019, the global economy, society and environment have been greatly affected, and it continues to impact the overall market demand, supply chain management, employee safety and health management. Facing challenges and changes, Taihan believes that returning to the concept of “sustainable development”, including focusing on environmental protection, fulfilling social responsibilities, and strengthening corporate governance, will be the key to strengthening the company’s competitiveness.

Facing the competitive market circumstances of the global 3C industry and the dilemma of soaring costs of major raw materials. Taihan has continued to devote time and effort to focus on the production and production of precision molds for plastic products according to the needs of customers . The research and development direction will focus on automatic processing, production and technical improvement of post-processing, assembly and testing of products, becoming a partner of customers’ priority cooperation, and continuing to expand the favorable market. On top of that, with the joint efforts of all colleagues, Taihan actively and effectively reduces related operating costs, and improves production efficiency and yield. In 2021, we have successfully achieved the annual goal of doubling our profits.

From CSR, ESG to SDGs, from localization to globalization, in response to the recent rapid changes in regulations and policies and the overall business environment, we understand that this is never a question of which one to choose, but how to be inclusive and inclusive in business operations. The challenge of keeping up with the times. Taihan was founded in 1987. Over the years, it has been adhering to the business philosophy of “customer first, quality first”, and has made unremitting efforts to win unanimous praise and appreciation from domestic and foreign customers. Taihan thinks about the future sustainable operation and overall development, simultaneously promotes E (environment), S (social), G (corporate governance) and identifies the key factors that affect the sustainable development of enterprises, and makes the best preparations in advance, Lay the cornerstone of sustainable development and create a bright new future together with customers, suppliers and employees.

Sustainable Development Committee

In order to strengthen the company’s sustainable governance, Taihan Technology officially established the Sustainability Development Committee in November 2023. As a functional committee, it assists the board of directors in supervising and handling various sustainability issues (Stakeholder Engagement, formulation of major issues and response, annual sustainability goals and plans, etc.).The committee is composed of a total of 3 people, including the executive vice president and two independent directors. The executive vice president serves as the chairperson. It assists in formulating relevant sustainability strategies and goals and regularly reports on implementation results, stakeholder discussions and sustainability reports. Report to the Board of Directors. In order to improve the efficiency of the company’s sustainable operations, a sustainability implementation group has been set up, divided into three working groups, namely the corporate governance group, environmental protection group and social relations group to coordinate and plan each unit more quickly to ensure that all Implementation of sustainable strategies and goals.

Integrity Management

Taihan Technology has set up a “sustainable promotion team” to be responsible for promoting corporate governance issues such as honest management, anti-corruption, and anti-bribery networks. Taihan Technology upholds the corporate culture of integrity management and the sound development of good business operations, and has formulated the “Integrity Management Code” approved by the board of directors to ensure the implementation of the company’s integrity management.

Integrity management status
Employee trainingA total of 44 person-times and 44 hours of employee training.
CommitmentEmployees sign the letter of integrity commitment 100%.
Supplier AssessmentRegularly check the current status of suppliers' integrity management every year
Whistleblowing systemTaihan Technology has a specific reporting system in the "Corporate Governance Code of Practice" and
"Integrity Management Code ", and provides appropriate reporting channels for all stakeholders to prevent
any dishonest behavior.
Report E-mail:

Internal and external personnel reporting system and process

In order to implement the company’s ethical behavior and integrity management, Taihan Technology encourages the reporting of illegal, immoral or dishonest behaviors, and formulates “Procedures for Reporting Illegal and Unethical or Dishonest Conduct”. The company’s internal or external personnel and stakeholders can prepare relevant evidence (name, unit, characteristics or violations of the person being reported) and report to the independent directors, spokespersons, and internal auditors announced on the company’s website. Taihan Technology promises to keep confidential the informant’s personal information and any information that may reveal his identity, so as to protect the relevant rights and interests of the informant and avoid unfair treatment.

Cases that have been found to have violated the “Code of Conduct” or “Integrity Management Code” will be punished according to regulations. If the circumstances are serious, they will be removed from office and the right of legal recourse will be reserved.

Reporting channelAuthorityAnnouncement of verdictImprovement plan
Company's website
Reporting mailbox
1. Spokesperson: Accept reports from shareholders, investors and other stakeholders.
2. Operation center: reporting of customers, suppliers, and contractors.
3. Personnel department: accept reports from colleagues within the company.
If the person being reported has indeed violated relevant laws or the
company's integrity management policies and regulations, he shall
immediately request the person being reported to stop the relevant
behavior and deal with it appropriately. If necessary, he shall report to the competent authority or transfer it to the judicial authority for investigation, or through the law The program seeks damages.
The responsible unit will report to the board
of directors on the reported situation, how to deal with it and the follow-up review and improvement measures.

Communication with Stakeholders

Taihan Technology believes that only by understanding and paying attention to our stakeholders and deepening communication can we continue to improve in the promotion of corporate social responsibility. Through questionnaires and various communication channels, we collect and understand issues of concern to clients, shareholders/investors, suppliers, employees, and government agencies, and sort out issues of high concern to various stakeholders, and further respond to meet all Stakeholder needs.

StakeholderIssues of ConcernCommunication Frequency and Method2021 Communication Effectiveness
Taihan Technology is committed
to establishing long-term
partnerships with customers
and providing products and
services that meet customer
1. Customer rights
2. business continuity
3. operating performance
4. brand management
5. Law to follow
customer satisfaction survey
Monthly quality delivery
review meeting
Product Project Discussion
customer visit

Our company mainly communicates
with customers from overseas
factories, and takes achieving the
quality required by customers as
the primary task, ensuring that the
product design and manufacturing
process can meet the highest
standards, and fully meet customer
delivery requirements to achieve a
win-win situation of mutual growth
and prosperity.
Taihan Technology expects to
create a company that takes
into account both profitability
and sustainable development.
Therefore, every
shareholder/investor is an
important supporter of the
1. operating performance
2. Corporate Governance
3. Law to follow
4. brand management
5. business continuity
6. brand management
Shareholders’ Meeting
annual report
Sustainability Report
financial report
communicate via telephone
or email
Institutional investors'
Official website
press release
Market Observation
Post System(MOPS)

1. Respond to external information
and related investors through IR
2. The company's spokesperson
should answer shareholders' visits or
telephone interviews to explain
3. The board of directors and the
audit committee are convened
quarterly in accordance with the
law to regularly review operating
results and risks
4. Hold the annual meeting of
shareholders to explain the
company's operating results
and future prospects
5. A total of 42 major news and
announcements were released on
the Public Information Observatory.
Taihan Technology provides
customers with the best
products through open supplier
1. business continuity
2. operating performance
3. Supplier Social Assessment
4. Supplier Corporate
Governance Assessment
5. Supplier Environmental
Supplier Assessment
On-site audit of suppliers
communicate with suppliers
via telephone or email

The supervisors of each overseas
factory respond to and manage
the supplier
relationship, and seek to maintain
a long-term and stable cooperative
relationship with suppliers to make
the production and sales process
Taihan Technology is committed
to providing employees with a
safe and comfortable working
environment. Excellent
employees are the key to our
continuous growth.
1. Employee salary benefits and
career development
2. Workplace Health and Safety
3.Labor/Management Relations
4. Organizational Commitment
and Retention
5. women's rights
Employee Welfare Committee
Complaint line
employee interview
satisfaction survey

1. In 2021, there will be no complaints
about violations of laws and
2. The company protects labor
rights and establishes a good
working environment in
accordance with the Labor
Standards Law, and provides
employees with a safe and
healthy working environment
3. In 2021, the Welfare Committee
will provide more than 10 pieces of
internal information about
employee welfare, and actively
improve employee welfare.
Government agencies
Government agencies are the
basis for enterprise
development. Taihan
Technology actively cooperates
with the implementation of
various policies.
1. Corporate Governance
2. energy management
3. Wastewater and Waste
4. Law to follow
5. water resource management
6. emission of greenhouse
Official documents
Policy advocacy
participation in seminars and
Material information

1. In 2021 Q4, the Taipei Exchange came
to the company for inspection. There
were 4 improvement items and 3
suggestion items. There were no major
deficiencies that required punishment,
and all of them had been reported and
2. The division is mainly composed of
the operation center, audit office,
general accounting management
department and administrative
management department to
deal with various government agencies.

Supplier Management Policy

Taihan Technology regularly evaluates the cooperative suppliers every year. The content of the assessment includes: labor and human rights, health and safety, environment and business ethics, and requires suppliers to maintain product quality and prices, and also to cooperate with Taihan Technology Fulfill Corporate Social Responsibility Together. If there is a serious violation, the cooperation with the supplier will also be terminated. In 2022, a total of 80 suppliers will be evaluated, 77 will be awarded gold medal suppliers; 3 will be awarded silver medal suppliers, and there will be no bronze medal suppliers, which shows that the risk of Taihan Technology in terms of suppliers is relatively small, and has established Good communication channels. It is expected to establish a good sustainable supply chain with cooperative suppliers.

first level85 or aboveGood suppliers have to increase their
second level60-84Qualified suppliers will conduct publicity
and education training.
third levelBelow 60Suppliers with bronze medals for two
consecutive years will terminate their
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