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Despite the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic last year, the company was able to reduce operating costs effectively with the dedicated efforts of all employees. In addition, we have improved our production efficiency and yield rate, and successfully achieved our annual target of doubling the profitability of our business. The Group’s consolidated revenue increased by 9.38% from NT$1,906,581,000 in 2020 to NT$2,085,430,000. Operating income increased by 102.12% from NT$69,600,000 in 2020 to NT$140,677,000. After-tax income decreased to NT$77,058,000 from NT$192,727,000 in 2020, due to the one-time recording of NT$219,846,000 gain on the disposal of real estate in New Taipei City in 2020. In the face of the competitive market environment in the global 3C industry and the soaring coast of major raw materials, TaiHan will continue to consider the company’s sustainable operation and overall management and overall development of the company in order to create maximum profits to reward all shareholders.

Material Information

TaiHan follows the “Exchange Procedures for Verification and Disclosure of Material Information of Companies with TPEx Listed Securities” to disclose significant information on the Market Observation Post System.

Enquiry Steps

  1. Click “Market Observation Post System”
  2. Enter Company Code: 1336
  3. Set searching date range to the closest 1 year
  4. Click “Search”
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