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Company Profile

TaiHan Precision Technology Co., Ltd. (TWSE Code: 1336) was founded in 1987 in Taiwan. As having precision molds as root foundation, we specialize in precision plastic injection molding, coating, and component assembling. We have been upholding the business philosophy of “Prioritize Customer, Ultimate Quality”. TaiHan continuously integrates key technologies and enhances process capability to provide thorough solutions to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers.

The scope covers Consumer Electronic Products, Cloud Networking Products, Multi-functional Business Machines, Home Audio-Visual Entertainment Devices, Automotive Components, High-End Medical Devices, etc. To become a vital driving force for the advancement of technology and life in various fields.

In terms of overseas investment, to achieve vertical integration of the supply chain, the autonomy of technology, and provision of superior service quality. TaiHan Precision has laid out regions including DongGuan, China; Hai Duong, Vietnam; and Lima, Philippines to provide more flexible services to customers with higher strategic thinking.

Company Vision

Top professional mechanical components supplier.

Increase industrial value through technological advancement.

Competitive Advantage

  • Full-process service to meet and satisfy customers’ complex product design.
  • Use of well-known Japanese brand machines and equipment with high precision and stability.
  • Taiwanese and other foreign local skillful professionals to develop and meet customers’ needs.
  • Earned recognition for excellent quality performance from Japanese well-known brands, and became long-term strategic partners.
  • Systematic management, project execution control, and promptly answer and react to customers’ requests.
  • Multiple manufacturing locations to provide multi-services according to customers’ needs.
  • Strong financial structure with low debt rate.

Company Milestone


Established Tooling Centre in Dongguan


Join Speedtech


Taihan land (Philippines) INC. had been registered to Philippine Economic Zone which have Preferential duty


Taihan land (Philippines) INC. had been registered to Philippine Economic Zone which have Preferential duty


Investment in the Philippines with the customer’s supply chain factory


Expansion of Kun-Shan Second Factory for customers


Obtain the Ministry of Economic Affairs intellectual property issue in the bureau new M420119 number patent certificate


CLM GMBH go into liquidation

Organization Chart


Quality Certification

ISO 9001 Dongguan 2023.09.07~ 2026.03.23
ISO 14001 Dongguan 2023.09.07~ 2026.09.06
ISO 9001 Philippines 2021.08.25~ 2024.08.24
ISO 14001 Philippines 2021.08.25~ 2024.08.24
ISO 9001 Vietnam 2023.08.06-2026.08.06
ISO 14001 Vietnam 2022.07.25~ 2025.07.25
ISO/IEC 27001:2022 Taiwan 2023.11.21~ 2026.11.20
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