New Life Journey Begins From TAIHAN

TAIHAN Precision adheres to the principle of fairness and diversified employment. In the recruitment, hiring, evaluation, and promotion of employees, employees of different ages, genders, races, religions, political affiliations, marital statuses, unions, and other backgrounds are treated equally. As the main consideration is “the right person for the right job”. This provides employment opportunities in many other countries and meanwhile promotes economic growth in those countries.

TAIHAN Precision has established a complete recruitment standard and combined it with a variety of recruitment channels. Continuously recruit new blood for the Company, and continue the momentum of development and growth to attract more talents. Provide high-quality job opportunities and fulfill corporate responsibility. Online platforms and employee referrals are currently the 2 primary recruitment channels.

We currently have open positions in Taiwan and overseas in the Asian region. Welcome on board to TAIHAN Family.

Talents Development

Talents is the most valuable resource of an enterprise and the key to its development. We provide employees adequate and sufficient training and promotion opportunities for our employees to help them grow and realize their value. At the same time grow with the Company.

New Employees: To assist new employees to settle and enter into the working condition as soon as possible, pre-employment training will be provided. Training courses are arranged according to job description and position. Senior colleagues from the department will help new employees understand the Company’s industry positioning and future direction.

Current Employees: The Company casually arrange employees to attend training courses organized by consulting firms, training institute, government, or business organization to enhance their professionalism.

Human Rights Management and Labor-Management Communication

To establish a culture of equality, tolerance, and open communication, TAIHAN Precision continues to uphold a fair and respectful attitude to practicing the labor policy and spirit. No discrimination or exclusion of any kind based on race, color, gender, age, sexual orientation, disability, religious beliefs, political affiliation, or marital status. There shall be no sexual harassment or any other acts of violence, threat, or intimidation. To allow employees to implement human rights in their daily work, and to ensure that the relevant spirit is internalized in their work.

TAIHAN Precision attaches great importance to the implementation of human rights management and has not experienced any violation of human rights, forced labor, or child labor. To implement human rights management, we have established relevant regulations and documents as the basis for implementation. For example, personnel appointment process, work rules, administrative rewards, and punishments, attendance management, etc. These policies regulate human rights management.

TAIHAN Precision regularly communicates with employees through monthly meetings at each factory, occasional meetings, internal activities, employee care interviews, and Welfare Committee for the employees.

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