Social Relationships

Employee Benefits

Taihan Technology attaches great importance to the physical and mental balance of employees. A variety of welfare systems have been planned. In addition to providing various insurance benefits and pension provision in accordance with the law, it also provides group insurance that is superior to the law. Taihan Technology also attaches great importance to the leisure life of employees, and regularly organizes birthday parties and family day activities to promote parent-child interaction between families and improve employees’ work morale.

Perfect insurance systemEach employee enjoys high-value and complete insurance, such as labor insurance, national health insurance, group life insurance and accident insurance, and overseas travel insurance for expatriates and business travelers. To improve the quality of life and security of employees.
PensionIn order to stabilize the retirement life of the employees and improve the service spirit of the employees, the company established a special account for the preparation of labor pensions in the Central Trust of China. Since July 1, 2005, all employees of the company have chosen to adopt the new labor retirement system, and the company will allocate 6% of the total monthly salary to the special pension account of the labor committee.
AllowanceFood allowance, maternity allowance, travel allowance, employee training allowance, wedding and funeral allowance, etc.
Cash giftBirthday gift, holiday bonus, Spring Festival gift, meal allowance, year-end party raffle.
RewardYear-end bonus, employee stock purchase plan, employee bonus.

Human Rights Protection

Taihan Technology refers to the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rightsand the International Labor Organization’s Declaration of Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work to formulate the company’s human rights policy. And since 2022, human rights due diligence will be conducted every year, hoping to understand the impact of the company on various stakeholders and prevent any human rights violations. Through internal anonymous questionnaire surveys, we understand employees’ satisfaction with various human rights issues in the company, and give priority to improvement and employee training for items with low scores. At the same time, the supplier’s implementation of the human rights policy is also included in the supplier evaluation of the company. If there is a serious violation of the human rights policy, the cooperation will be terminated and the supplier will be replaced.

Human Rights Risk Assessment

human rights issuesImpact targetAssessment toolsMitigation measures
Occupational Accident All employees and contractorsOccupational accident report,
occupational safety risk
Risk identification and
improvement plan,
providing adequate
personal protective
overtimeAll employees and contractorsAttendance SystemSpecify the upper limit
of overtime hours and
monitor through the
attendance system
Improper Workplace Violations
All employeesComplaint investigationImprove the internal
complaint system
forced laborAll employees and contractorsComplaint investigationFormulate human
rights policies and
conduct irregular on-
site audits
Maternity ProtectionAll employeesInclude female employees
who are half a year
before and after childbirth
in the tracking
Maternity is prohibited
from engaging in
potentially harmful
operations for half a
year before and after

Social Participation

All factories of Taihan Technology will hold Charitable activities every year in response to the “United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGS)”. In addition to charitable donations, we also actively participate in environmental-related actions to give back to the society, such as cleaning beaches and planting trees. It is hoped that through the active participation of the company itself, the influence of the company will be exerted, and more colleagues who are willing to contribute to the society will be attracted to work together to create a better society.

Sam Son(Sầm Sơn) Beach Cleaning Activities

Sam Son was once persecuted by the war and gradually declined. However, with the spirit of innovation proposed by the Vietnamese government, this place has been developed into a tourist attraction. However, a large number of tourists also leave a lot of garbage that has not been cleaned up. Yonghan Vietnam took a total of about 300 employees and their families to Sam Son Beach for beach cleaning activities through the employee family day. While experiencing the fine white sandy beach of Sam Son with your family, you can also learn about beach conservation while cleaning the beach.

“Riding for Love” Taihan Family Day – Charity Donation

Taihan Technology is very concerned about the issues of disadvantaged groups, so it combines the employees’ family day with public welfare donations, and donates the same amount as the bonuses earned by employees in the competition to the “Syin-Lu Weifare Foundation”. A total of 28 colleagues participated on the day and donated 12,000 NTD to help children with Developmental delay and disabilities.

Christmas Giving and Feeding Program

Taihan Technology and the local St. Martin De Porres Nursery in the Philippines will bring food, gifts and happiness to the children on Christmas Eve, and spend an unforgettable Christmas with them. In 2022, a total of 9 employees participated and gave 10 meals and gifts.

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