Compensation and Benefits

TaiHan Technology provides employees with a comfortable and warm working environment, and humanized services to keep them in the best condition is our goal. We will review and plan more competitive salary benefits to attract more talents to join and work with us.

Pleasant Working Environment

  • Corporate Cafeteria & Meal Allowance
  • Free Coffee & Afternoon Tea
  • Regular Events, Incentive Travels, Department Gatherings & Year-End Party
  • Employee Feedback Channels
  • Work-From-Home (WFM) during the pandemic

Performance-Oriented Management and Incentive System

  • Salary: The salary will be adjusted annually based on the overall operation of the Company, performance of individuals, and the standard of the market.
  • Annual Salary Adjustment: Appropriate salary adjustment is made annually depending on the operating conditions and market price fluctuations.
  • Year-End (Performance) Bonus: Bonuses are given annually depending on the operating conditions and the employee performance evaluation.
  • Stock Subscription: From time to time, employees will be subscribed for stock in a planned way according to whether the Company has achieved its revenue target.

Working Environment and Safety Measures

  • Access Control Security Management: 24-hour security and monitoring systems are provided in rented factories.
  • Maintenance and Inspection of all Equipment:
    1. Under Fire Service Act – a qualified fire protection company is appointed to conduct fire safety equipment inspection and reporting annually.
    2. Under Labor Safety and Health Act – Safety Inspection Rules for Dangerous Machinery and Equipment, regular inspections are to be conducted annually.
    3. Inspections and maintenance on high and low-voltage electrical equipment, air conditioning equipment, and firefighting equipment.
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  • Workplace Protection

    1. Replace damaged lighting equipment at any time.
    2. Update or repair air-conditioning system to maintain the ventilation in the office.
    3. Regular maintenance of drinking water equipment to ensure safe drinking water.
  • Disaster Preparedness and Response
    1. Cooperate with the management team of the leased office to rehearse disaster evacuation or emergency evacuation.
    2. Casually promote various types of information and knowledge on disaster prevention and control

Welfare and Benefits

  • The Employee Welfare Committee is established under the law: The Company is committed to creating harmonious labor relations and improving the welfare of employees. In addition, the establishment of the Employee Welfare Committee is to abide by the law, and funds are allocated monthly. The Welfare Committee forms and arranges annual plans for various events and activities. For example, trips, gatherings, and provision of welfare subsidies for weddings, funerals, grants, and other emergency assistance.
  • Group Insurance and Accident Insurance: To protect employees’ workplace and personal health and safety, the Company provides free group life insurance and accident insurance for employees. The insurance includes overseas travel insurance for overseas business trips and expatriates.
  • Old and New Retirement Contribution Scheme: In order to settle and stabilized the employee’s retired life and at the same time boost up the service spirit of the in-service employees. The Company set up a Labor Pension Reserve Account in the Central Trust of China in April 2004, with a monthly payment of 4% of the total salary. Since July 1, 2005, all employees of the Company have chosen to adopt the New Labor Retirement System, and the Company allocates 6% of the total monthly salary to the Pension Account of the Labor Committee.
  • Employee Compensation: As to motivate all employees to work together to achieve the Company’s goal, employees’ remuneration is calculated according to the Company’s Articles of Incorporation at a rate of not less than 1% of the Company’s profit for the year.
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