Employee Diversity and Equality

Gender equality and diversity

Taihan is committed to providing employees with a dignified and safe working environment. We implement fairness in employment diversity, remuneration and promotion opportunities. Ensure that employees do not suffer discriminate based on race, beliefs, religion, political affiliations, gender, marital status, disabilities, or other entities protected under governmental regulations.

We value the diversity of our employees, maintain gender equality, and build a friendly workplace in order to further implement the concepts of integration, equality, and tolerance to create an environment for talents.

Press ahead gender equality policies

In the past two years, the promotion of female employees in Taihan has increased year by year. In 2022, the proportion of female employee promotion has be approximately 46%. We are also actively increasing the proportion of female supervisors. In terms of policies, the company has formulated internal measures such as Promotion, KPI, Work Rules, Recruitment and Appointment, etc., and clearly declares age, working hours, leave and attendance, gender, etc. Let different gender of  employees have fair remuneration and promotions and share resources on an equal basis.

Diversity-friendly workplace

To press ahead a mother-friendly environment in the workplace, women don’t need to work night shifts after pregnancy. Taihan provides miscarriage leave, paternity check-up and paternity leave, family care leave, etc. in accordance with the law, as well as a breastfeeding room equipped with tables, chairs, refrigerators and other facilities to allow female employees feel secure. Employees can maintain a balance between work and family, cooperate with the government’s gender equality  policy, and promote social and economic development.

In order to help employees balance their careers and families, a good childcare mechanism has been established so that employees do not have to worry about losing their jobs due to taking care of their families. Employees who have been employed for more than half a year can apply for a childcare leave before their children reach the age of 3, and they will continue to work while they are still employed. After the pay suspension period expires, the company will assist in arranging for the return of the employer and position. Employees who apply for parental leave do not need to worry about job transition issues after reinstatement. In addition, in addition to providing relevant maternity care leave in accordance with the law, the company also provides maternity congratulatory payments.

Taihan hopes to create a  working environment within the company that is conducive to gender equality and  family-friendly. The more practical is that employees will have a higher sense of corporate identity and belonging, which will help attract and retain talents, reduce employee turnover, enable the company’s culture to be diversified, and allow all employees to give full play to their capabilities to create a win-win situation.

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