Taihan Technology’s charity donations in the first half of 2024

Taihan Technology pays great attention to the needs of the community. In 2024 (as of June 20), we have donated a total of more than NT$1.08 million. In addition to continuing to donate to the Xinlu Foundation, we provide disadvantaged children with the assistive aids they need when learning, so that they can better integrate into society.

In the Vietnam factory, we hope that Taihan can bring more profound influence to the local area, so we actively contacted the nearby Jinfu Elementary School and finally donated 4 sets of computers, hoping to integrate technology into their learning and cultivate more excellent talents for the local area.

Yonghan (Vietnam) donated 4 sets of computers to Jinfu Elementary School

Also by chance, Taihan Technology visited Neihu High School and happened to see the volleyball team training. After learning more about it, we discovered that these players are regulars in the High School Volleyball League (HVL) finals and are also top players in the country. Behind the diligent training of the young players, they actually need more support. For example, the venue fees, transportation fees and daily equipment used to participate in the cup are actually not very sufficient. Therefore, the chairman decided to donate 1 million NTD to the Neihu High School volleyball team, hoping not only to allow the players to sweat on the court without any worries, but also to bring the spirit of sports to more and the company’s colleagues.

Donation unitDonation dateDonation amount
Xinlu Foundation (Taoyuan)April 1Fifty thousand NTD
Jinfu Elementary School(Vietnam)April 17Thirty-six thousand NTD
Neihu High School Volleyball TeamJune 17One million NTD
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